Kathie Stamps

Writer, voice-over artist and marketing consultant based in Lexington, Kentucky.

My passion is words. Spoken or written, I love words: the way they look, the way they sound, and what they mean. Words are symbols. They’re what we use to express thoughts and emotions, either in writing or in speaking. We achieve effective communication when what I say and what you hear are the same thing.

Kathie Stamps, www.StampsCommunications.comHi, my name is Kathie Stamps. I’ve been self-employed, dba Stamps Communications, since 1997. A previous century. Former millennium. (Although I’m a tail-end boomer, I have the temperament of a millennial. Plus the angst of a teen and color palette of a 5-year-old, while we’re at it.)

Born in North Carolina. Lived in several states. Kentucky since 9th grade. Lexington since college. Piano performance major at Mars Hill College in Mars Hill, North Carolina (and now it’s a university!), then transferred to Eastern Kentucky University and got a degree in broadcasting. Or mass comm, I never can remember which one it was.

I’ve been a disc jockey and production director; ad agency copywriter and producer; sports broadcast engineer and studio producer; writer of nonfiction magazine articles, website content, radio and TV scripts, social and blog posts, and limericks; a voiceover artist, or VO, as we say in the biz. Probably a few other things that don’t come to mind at the moment.

Labels: Southerner, Libra, Myers-Briggs ENFP, enneagram 7, questioner (per Gretchen Rubin’s “Four Tendencies”), HSP. That last one stands for highly sensitive person, per the work of Dr. Elaine Aron. Which is hilarious, given how often I take a side of snark and sarcasm with my coffee. But it’s so very, very true. A lot of us sensitive souls wrap up in layers of our favorite armor, mantle and mail.

Hey, I just looked up mail. Chain mail, that is. The flexible armor worn in medieval times, made of interlocking rings.

If that isn’t a fabulous metaphor, I don’t know what is. Flexible and interlocking. A bit of protection that’s also pliable and adjustable, letting us bend and stretch and move as we come together and interlock our human connections, to fend off the ick of the day and help one another get through it. Love it!

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