Kathie Stamps’ voiceover demo, in video format:


And then Kathie’s voiceover demo, in your traditional audio-only form:


Here’s a narration I recorded for Kentucky Performance Products


And a voiceover for Sturhahn Jewelers in Quincy, Illinois


Kathie Stamps, www.StampsCommunications.com
Kathie’s sample bylines:

Grammar is a tool of a writer’s trade.

We appreciate other professionals who respect their tools—surgeons and mechanics, for instance. That level of integrity should be no different for writers.

I love the nuance of words, as in the difference between “simple” and “easy.” Writing is simple: Combine any of 26 letters to make a word or two. Writing is not always easy, though.

Writing & Voiceover

  • Feature Article Writing
  • Website Content Writing
  • Corporate Proofreading

Keyboards don’t have inflection keys but the human voice can express authority and articulate a smile. There certainly are differences between writing and speaking, such as the silent l in almond and t in often.

  • Radio and TV Commercials
  • Corporate Video Narrations
  • On-hold Messages

Voice-over work involves more than a pleasant vocal quality. It’s a form of communication in itself, similar to acting. When I’m reading a client’s copy, I must convey the message to an audience who is not reading along with the script. They have to hear what the client wants them to hear.

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